Your Ultimate Guide to Prefab Quartz Countertops

Still confused on which countertop to buy?

Deciding on countertops can be tricky since there are a lot of options in the market. All of your options vary from the size, color, or even the stone. And some may prefer convenience over style.

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Prefab quartz countertops are popular options these days, as working with full slabs can be inconvenient, lengthy, and expensive. Finding a fabricator to work with full slabs can sometimes be more challenging, as the equipment and team size necessary to work with these is more specialized. This can also lead to higher fabrication costs. Full slabs are still a fantastic option for those looking for larger sections of countertop or wall dressings, like large backsplashes or shower walls, with minimal seams.

While prefab quartz is a growing trend, there is still confusion in buying these types of countertops. For this blog, we will review the following:

– Defining prefabricated countertops

– Its benefits and disadvantages

– The best time to buy one

– The difference between prefab and slab stone countertops.

Understanding Pre-Fabricated Countertops

Any prefabricated countertops are cut at specific standard sizes and shapes before it arrives at the distributor. This type of countertop is usually a choice for those who like to buy for convenience since it is already premade.

With most of the difficult sizing and edge detailing already done, it is often sold at a considerably more affordable price when passed through the consumer.

Prefabricated countertops, especially quartz, can still be customized after purchasing and during their installation.

The Benefits of Having Prefabricated Quartz Countertops For Your Kitchen

Our stores in the Bay Area and San Jose offer a wide variety of prefabricated quartz countertops to our customers and clients. And with its benefits, clients can utilize it in their kitchens. Here are its advantages:

  • Lower cost. Time is money, and you can save a ton of time and money by using prefab quartz countertops since most of the tedious work is already done. Whether doing it by yourself or having an installer put it in, this greatly reduces the amount of time and work needed to get your pieces to the right size and configuration. Most of the time, all that’s needed to be done using prefab quartz countertops is cutting it to the right length and adding a hole for your sink!
  • Shorter waits on material. Since the countertop material is already pre-fabricated, the color you choose is almost always already in stock. And with its smaller size and weight, it’s easier for most civilian trucks to carry it home that day too!
  • Convenience. Prefab countertops can be installed with minimal extra cutting or customization. Since most of the work is already done, cutting and installing the countertop can be done as quickly as a single afternoon! This additional benefit is why residential and commercial clients prefer having them instead of slab countertops.
  • Variety of choices in terms of appearance. Yes, we did mention that you’ll often see limited options when it comes to prefab countertops. But, since they are usually fabricated to standard cabinet depths, at a glance, you can get a quick and realistic picture of how your quartz countertop will look once it’s installed! And with such variety, it will be easy to find a countertop that could match your cabinets and flooring.
  • Color consistency. Due to its manufactured nature and prefabrication process, prefab quartz countertops will typically exhibit a greatly increased color consistency. This makes it easier to pick your stone pieces without worrying whether or not each slab needs to match with the other.
  • Easy maintenance. Since we are talking about quartz countertops here, there is no denying that it is one of the most preferred stone countertops because it only needs minimal maintenance. And since it is non-porous and antimicrobial by nature of how it’s made, you’ll only need a cloth or sponge and a soapy solution to wipe all the dirt and stains.
  • They are among the most robust countertop options available. Quartz has better resistance to stains and scratches than other stone countertops like granite,quartzite, and marble. During its manufacturing process, each slab is made by being pressed with intense heat and pressure. This leaves the surface virtually non-porous! That is why it can withstand scratches and various types of stains from oil, wine, and coffee. If something did end up affecting your quartz countertop, you can only imagine how it would have affected natural stone!

However, we recommend understanding the disadvantages of prefab quartz countertops as well.

Though there are many benefits that prefab quartz countertops bring to your kitchen, there are also disadvantages during the purchasing process to consider when deciding to buy one.

  • Size options. Because the pieces are already stocked in predetermined sizes, sometimes you may end up needing to go with a full-slab anyway if your project requires a special size or shape if it’s extra big or extra long. 
  • Chance of more seams. While not always something that makes a difference in most kitchens, the size limitations or circumstances of using prefab quartz countertops may result in an extra seam or two in longer kitchens. The reason this is not necessarily the case for most situations is because while the slabs are wider, they’re not necessarily that much longer. The extra length can sometimes be the difference between having a seam or not. We recommend checking with a sales representative or a fabricator to see if a full-slab situation may result in less seams for your project.

So, how should you decide if prefab countertops are a better choice?

Oftentimes, prefab quartz countertops will be more value efficient than using full slabs. However, whether you should still go with prefab or full slab should be based on the scale of the project, as well as the color options.

Normally, prefab quartz countertop options are only available in the most popular options. However, full slabs do offer a more complete variety if you really want to make sure you find the perfect piece for your project.

Size configuration is another important factor to determine whether prefabs are right for your project. Prefab quartz countertops are normally sized for the most common configuration to accommodate most cabinetry. If you have a larger than normal section, like an island, a full backsplash, or a shower wall, then using a full slab may create a more commanding center piece.

Since prefab quartz countertops are designed to use the most popular colors at the most accommodating sizes as a stock product though, prefabs are typically a great option to start your search, as they can simplify and narrow down your search to products that may already be perfect for you!

Granite Expo offers you prefab quartz countertops for your kitchen needs.

In choosing prefab quartz countertops, it helps to know how you want to visualize your space. If you have large areas that you want to turn into a focal piece, consider using a full slab. However, prefabs do take a lot of the work and planning out of the equation. It is also important to have an idea of the sizes that you need with measurements. Oftentimes, it can be a better choice if you prefer countertops that come in a standard size, easy to maintain and if it matches the style of your kitchen.

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