5 Tips for Your Next Bathroom Remodel in San Francisco

Are you planning to start your very first bathroom remodeling project? Looking to spruce up your space with a budget-friendly home renovation? Whether you are working on your forever home or planning to sell, doing a bathroom remodel is among the best ways to add value to your property.

Conducting a renovation project is a fun and exciting journey, but it is also a challenging one. So, you need to be keen and focused on how you should start the project the right way.

Before picking out a new tile pattern or finding the best bathroom vanities for your space, it’s essential to identify and understand what you truly need. More than the aesthetic quality of your space, you need to consider its overall functionality.

The good thing is that these days you can have both by carefully creating a plan, choosing the right contractors, and selecting the right design. We’ve listed some of our favorite tips to help you out in your bathroom remodel in San Francisco.

1. Plan as Much as You Can First.

We’re sure you’re excited to scour the internet to get quotes on your bathroom remodel. However, it’s essential to consult with everyone in your home who’ll use the bathroom space first. Getting everyone’s input allows you to identify a list of must-haves and nice-to-haves in your renovated bathroom space. Try to discuss every detail, including the fixtures and finishes to be used.

More importantly, ask what kind of budget everyone is comfortable dishing out for the remodeling project. You can visit different bathroom showrooms in San Jose to get a good grasp of the pricing and rates.

If you’re really having a hard time discussing with everyone and coming up with a plan, it’s time to consult an experienced remodeling contractor. They are experts in addressing your concerns and can truly turn your vision into reality.

2. Assess Your Bathroom Layout.

Many homeowners are not aware that their current bathroom layout significantly influences their remodeling project. Some people want to completely overhaul their space — tweaking the plumbing fixtures and changing the placement of cabinets, showerheads, sinks, and toilets.

Gutting your old pipes and switching to a new layout can end up being extremely expensive. If you want to save a good amount of money on your renovation project, it’s always advisable to keep the old bathroom’s plumbing lines as that can get pretty tricky for smaller projects.

However, you can still breathe new life into your old bathroom spaces by using visual tricks and techniques. Check your bathroom layout and identify the usual footprint of the bathroom.

By doing so, you can strategize how you can maximize your space. Try installing pedestal sinks or furniture style bathroom cabinets in San Francisco. You can also install big mirrors to elongate your space. Following these quick hacks can visually double the space of the whole room.

3. Think of Future-Proof Designs.

Thinking about the future while designing your bathroom space is the best thing to do to protect  your investment. You’ll never know what might happen five years from now; maybe you’ll want to move to another state and even sell your home.

By future-proofing your designs, your renovation will continue to add value to your property over time. While it may be hard to incorporate future-proofing into your design, you can check out design catalogs and bathroom showrooms in San Jose to gain more inspiration.

Find the right balance between comfort, luxury, design, value, and longevity. This might be a difficult challenge, but with the help of an expert professional, you can definitely create a plan that will make you and your whole family happy.

4. Consider Your Bathroom’s Ventilation

Many people might not even think about their bathroom’s ventilation system. Often, this is the most overlooked and neglected aspect of a bathroom remodeling project. Yet this is also among the most essential features of every bathroom space.

Proper ventilation is extremely important; it ensures that your bathroom’s furnishings will last for the years to come. Without proper ventilation, you’ll run into a lot of problems, such as mold and mildew buildup, many fans of which can detect high moisture now.

5. When In Doubt, Always Ask.

Of course, bathroom remodeling may be an entirely new world for you. As you plan your renovation, you probably have tons of questions and concerns. Whether you’re planning to start a DIY project or hire contractors for the job, it’s always best to ask questions from professionals, like the team over at Granite Expo.

As your trusted renovation partner, we can advise you on your bathroom’s layout, furnishing, finishes, and more. We can even give good deals on our bathroom cabinets in San Francisco. We also offer high-quality kitchen cabinets in San Jose. If you want to know more about our products, you can check out our shop now!

For more details and inquires, you can call us at (510) 652-8882 and one of our friendly staff will assist you!

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