7 Savvy Tips For Your Kitchen Remodeling in San Francisco

Many homeowners are keen on spending money remodeling their homes, especially their kitchens. And that’s definitely for a good reason because your kitchen reflects your home. Aside from that, renovating your kitchen adds value to your property.

However, starting a project for your kitchen remodeling in San Francisco does not come easy. It’s pretty overwhelming to do such a huge task even with the help of the experts. So, what can you do to ensure that you’ve got everything ready? Of course, you must do your research. Luckily, we’ve developed a comprehensive list of tips to ensure you get the bang for your buck!

1.) Always be keen on the details

One thing that surprises many people looking to remodel is that planning your kitchen remodel usually takes more time than the actual building and construction process. Because of that, it can be hard to jump straight to designing a space without having a clear vision and purpose.

That’s why it’s important to PLAN, PLAN, PLAN. Being keen on the details allows you to save time and money since you wouldn’t have to worry about changing anything during the build. More than that, you are more likely to stay on budget when you are keen on the details.

But, how much time should you spend on being keen about your remodeling plan? According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, you may even need about six months to plan your renovation project properly. With this much time, you’ll feel confident that you have everything down pat and won’t be tempted to make any changes during the construction phase.

Since this is a big step, here are some bonus tips:

Understand Your Existing Kitchen Layout

Knowing the basics of your kitchen space is integral when you’re planning a renovation. That’s why it’s always helpful to measure as much as you can. How big is the doorway into your kitchen for stuff to get in? How much space is available for you to tweak and revamp? What fixtures do you currently have? And do you need to change or move any of them?

Many homeowners may not realize the importance of understanding their kitchen space. An easy mistake could be like buying oversized furniture pieces and appliances that wouldn’t fit their space. To avoid costly mistakes like this, be sure to create a kitchen space layout with the corresponding measurements of the doorways, walkways, counters, and cabinets.

Know When to Ask for Help

Being detail-oriented might be a good skill when doing kitchen remodeling in San Francisco. However, it’s always best to ask for a professional’s advice to spruce up your space. They can often help you spot red flags or oversights as well, to help give you a more complete picture of your project. A professional designer can simplify your renovation and help you with the complicated process. Talking to a kitchen remodeling contractor would also give you a more precise budget overview.

2.) Find Good-Quality Appliances and Fixtures

Renovating your kitchen isn’t just all about the design and aesthetics; it’s also about creating a more functional and well-intentioned space. That’s why you don’t have to get carried away in buying the most luxurious and expensive appliances.
Assess your needs first and determine whether the appliances you want fit your cooking needs and lifestyle. If they don’t, you can always find more suitable pieces that would hurt your budget.

3.) Keep the Same Kitchen Footprint

Did you know that changing your existing wirings and plumbing drives up the cost of any kitchen remodeling in San Francisco? If not, maybe it’s time to think twice about knocking down the walls and pipes of your current kitchen.

By keeping the same footprint and layout, you can significantly avoid the hassles of demolition and reconstruction. You can easily cut the amount of time to finish your kitchen remodel if you don’t end up needing to move any plumbing, gas, or electrical. While this may sound great as well, ultimately, you’ll want to assess if moving things around will be better and make things more convenient in the long run.

4.) Don’t Skimp on Quality.

Functional and high-quality kitchen spaces quickly add value to any residential property. That’s why functionality and durability should be your priorities. Avoid buying cheap and low-quality bargains; instead, choose premium-quality products with warranty covers.

5.) Make Use of Good Lighting

With proper lighting, you can change the look and feel of your kitchen. A room can instantly look larger and brimming with life with the right lighting. Aside from that, good lighting will help you work safely and efficiently around your kitchen. Typically, you can install two types of lighting in your kitchen:

Task Lighting

Task lighting is often installed underneath your wall cabinets. These operational lights help you finish your daily tasks in the kitchen by illuminating your work area. When choosing task lighting, find something that is bright enough and has a comfortable lighting color or temperature. You can still combine recessed light, under-cabinet lights, pendant lights, and overhead lights in your kitchen.

Ambient Lighting

If you want to add some extra pizazz to your kitchen, you can use ambient lighting. Flush-mounted ceilings, wall sconces, and string lights can create an aesthetically pleasing space. You can also choose a lighting system that lets you control the intensity of the lights.

6.) Create More Storage Space

Always remember: storage will never go out of style! So, make sure to create more storage to avoid a cluttered kitchen! You can install cabinets that reach the ceiling for seasonal items you don’t frequently use. You can also use your blank wall space by mounting small shelving units for kitchen utensils that you might use daily.

7.) Be Honest and Communicate Your Needs.

Communicating your needs to your contractors is essential. This way, they understand and know your expectations for your kitchen renovation in San Francisco. Don’t worry about limiting yourself to just the project guidelines as well. You can also set house rules and establish boundaries about break times, smoking on-site, and work timeline. Finally, it’s important to make sure that details are communicated to the contractors or installers directly. Sometimes, details get lost along the way with how many people you may be working with throughout the remodeling process. That’s why you’ll want to make sure if anyone hears about your details, it’s the crew working on your project!

Bonus Tip: Figure Out Your Kitchen Setup During the Build

While renovating your kitchen space can be a fun and exciting prospect, figuring out your temporary kitchen setup can also be a huge and overwhelming challenge. While considering a kitchen remodeling project, think about which space can be an alternative kitchen location during the construction process! Even if you may not end up using that space, it may give you some hints or ideas on how you can improve the kitchen project you end up going with!

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