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GRANITE EXPO & COMPANY, INC. is a local California corporation leading the home improvement industry in the Bay Area.
Established in 1999, our seven Bay Area locations serve homeowners, contractors, and developers all throughout Northern California in addition to acting as a wholesaler to retailers across the entire country and beyond.
Granite Expo is currently the exclusive distributor of a premier line of quartz countertop products, Kovastone®, and exquisite, high-quality cabinetry goods, Milzen Cabinetry®. Both products are renown for durability, beauty, and for catering to a sophisticated class of buyers. Request a catalog from us today to learn more!

We have built strong & reliable departments in the following areas:

Luxury Stoneware. Granite Expo specializes in granite, marble, travertine, and many selections of natural stone and man-made stone surfacing products. Granite Expo’s wholly owned subsidiary, Granite Expo Installation Company, offers installation services with full warranties and significant discounts to Granite Expo clients. Also, the company now sells Kovastone® quartz countertops, a high-end luxury stoneware for the most discriminating interior designer.

Cabinetry. Working in conjunction with the Installation Company, Granite Expo provides custom design cabinetry goods to fit any demand. A team of veteran craftsmen painstakingly tailor the cabinets by hand. We also offer a wide selection of well-known national brands, and are currently the exclusive distributor of Milzen Cabinetry®. If you’re looking for brilliant, handsome woodwork in either Old World styles or contemporary sensibilities, then your first stop should be Granite Expo.

Metal Works. Granite Expo offers fabrication and industrial grade, custom-designed metal supplies and tools in cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum and forged steels. From the elegance of accents and premium aesthetic designs to gates, fences, poles and fabrication tools, our Metal and Tools Department will have what you want at the industry’s most competitive prices. Call us to find out why the Bay Area’s leading commercial and industrial developers choose us for their metal craft needs.

Flooring and Tiles Department. Granite Expo provides a wide array of flooring and tile options, from granite, travertine, hardwood, bamboo, porcelain, and all varieties of porous and non-porous tiles and surfaces. With competitive prices and stunning selections, Granite Expo is the top choice in the Bay Area for all flooring and tiling projects.

Solar & Green Energy. An exciting new area for Granite Expo, the company provides solar PV systems, solar hot water heating, panels, and a diverse range of green energy products and services for the 21st century home or office.

Granite Expo Installation Company. A wholly owned subsidiary of Granite Expo, the Installation Company is a house of expert technicians, craftsmen, designers, architects, structural engineers, and contractors at competitive prices. The Installation Company has worked on many of the major construction projects for both local municipalities and large-scale industrial projects. Efficient, knowledgeable, and experienced, the Installation Company will synthesize the quality goods offered at Granite Expo with your visionary designs to materialize and build your dream home or office.

For over a decade, Granite Expo has been a leading wholesaler, distributor, and retailer of fine stoneware, cabinetry goods and services, metal fabrication, and now green energy systems and installation. If you can imagine the design, we can provide the exact match of goods to make your aesthetic aspirations into a reality.