6 Benefits of Granite Countertops in San Francisco

Benefits of Granite Countertops in San Francisco

You’ve probably heard your friend rave about her granite countertops; how stylish and functional they are and how they love making the switch. Now, you’re renovating your home and find yourself confused and stuck on whether you should also install granite countertops on your kitchen? 

Well, granite countertops are still really popular; and that’s for a good reason for that! With all of the hype for quartz countertops going around, you may find yourself wondering why. Why should you choose granite over other countertop options? Granite countertops come with a host of benefits, including interestingly unique patterns, long-lasting durability, and more.  

Interested to know all the benefits? Keep on reading to see why granite should be your go-to countertop choice.

How to Choose the Right Material for Your Countertops?

Picking the material for your countertops is among the biggest decisions you will need to make when you start a remodeling project. Remember the style, pattern, and color of your countertops can significantly influence the overall design of our space. That’s why it’s important to figure out the material of your countertop before you start the project. 

However, this is absolutely not an easy task to do. With a variety of options to choose from, you may be left unsure and overwhelmed with what to do. So, the first thing you should do is revisit your kitchen layout. Check and see which material suits best; whether it be marble, quartz, or granite. 

Many homeowners still prefer granite countertops in San Francisco. We’ve narrowed down the list, and here are the perks that are sure to impress. 

1. Granite is Scratch-Resistant Material

One of the best things about granite is that it’s chip-resistant. Since it’s a rock-solid object, you wouldn’t have to worry about damaging it over the years. Granite’s durable surface will definitely surprise you. Unlike other stone countertops, it has a very high scratch and chip tolerance. This means you wouldn’t have to change your countertops every five to ten years because of the exterior damage. 

To fabricate the material, you would need diamonds in order to cut it, just to get across how resistant it is! You can feel confident that it will take something tough in order to scratch this. 

2. It Offers More than Being Scratch-Resistant. 

Being scratch-free is great, but granite delivers more than that. Not only will this surface not chip or scratch, but it can resist heat, moisture, and other elements. Since it is a porous stone, you might want to seal it to ensure it will be stain-resistant. You should reapply the sealant annually to guard your granite countertops against any kinds of spills — be it coffee, juice, or wine spills. 

Because of its composition, it’s extremely solid and won’t crack or warp when you set your hot pans on it. This means you can have peace of mind knowing that your countertops won’t be easily damaged when you put your hot pots onto it or install it outdoors. 

3. Maintenance is Relatively Easy

Of course, you want to keep your spaces squeaky clean. However, many natural stones require a particular method to maintain their color or pattern. This can make cleaning countertops worrying or even stressful. Granite countertops, however, don’t require anything fancy. 

When cleaning granite countertops in San Francisco, you don’t have to buy any particularly specific product. All you need is dish soap and a soft cloth to clean the surface. With a few swipes, your countertops will be looking shiny and new once again! If you’d like to take it to the next level, there are even cleaners that have small amounts of sealer in it too to help make that maintenance even easier!

Speaking of sealing, the process has never been easier! Usually water-based now, it’s normally a simple process that most homeowners can do on their own! While some may have unique instructions, general sealers will typically just require you to wet your stone with a spray bottle, cloth, or brush for several minutes and wipe up the rest.

4. You Can Save Up Material Costs. 

Aside from it being easy to maintain, granite countertops are among the most affordable countertops in the market. Most usually you can find a stone that sits well within your price range. The cost of granite countertops can typically range from $6 to $30 per square foot of material! 

While granite is generally cheaper, the price can also increase depending on several factors, such as the color, design, composition, and thickness of the slab. But it’s worth noting that granites have an estimated service life of over 30 years. So, your granite countertop will definitely give you a bang for your buck. 

5. Every Granite Slab is Unlike Any Other.

Granite is naturally formed in the earth. It’s made by cutting a loaf of stone out of a quarry and sliced into slabs with large machines. This makes it so that every slab has a different and unique pattern. This highlights the aesthetic value of every granite countertop, as your kitchen space will have an element that’s uniquely your own. 

As a tip, when shopping for natural stone products, it’s important to consider other areas and projects that can use this material. Because of its uniqueness, you’ll want to make sure that as many areas in your home are taken from the same batch, as it will aid in making sure you retain as much consistency as possible!

6. Granite Can Be Repaired by the Professionals.  

While granite is an extremely durable material, your countertops may take a big or unfortunate hit. And when this happens, don’t panic. You don’t have to replace the whole slab. You can call the professionals and let them handle the repair work for you. In no time, your countertops will be back in the best condition. It’s important to try and hold onto any pieces that may have broken or chipped off, as it can usually be used to make the repair job even better!

Bottom line:  Granite Countertops Are Perfect for Any Space! 

Granite countertops are among the best natural stones that will serve as the perfect backdrop for your kitchen spaces. Competitive with even quartz, choosing granite over any other material is a smart choice. From affordability, uniqueness, and easy maintenance, you can never go wrong in installing granite countertops in San Francisco. 

More than anything, granite slabs are not only perfect for your kitchen space but also for your bathrooms. When it comes to installations, always remember to let an experienced professional do the job for you. By doing so, you can guarantee that they’re installed well, adding more value to your home for many years to come. 

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